Community and Youth Surveys 2015

Powell River’s Vital Signs Community Survey was open to all residents of Powell River from June 13 to August 16, 2015, and received 535 responses, nineteen on paper and the rest online. The Youth Survey was open to youth 15 – 24 over the same time period and received 28 online responses.


The community survey asked questions related to the key topics covered by the Vital Signs 2015 report, and the youth survey asked different questions on topics of special interest to youth. Many of the survey results are reported on the page for the appropriate topic in the report.

You can view the complete survey results in pdf format by clicking the links below.  If you don’t already have one – and most people do – you will have to install a pdf reader. There are a number of safe free pdf readers available on the internet.

The complete community survey results have many pages of residents’ comments on the most important items for Powell River. We have summarized and reported on representative comments in the Vital Signs report, but you can read all of them here. They make for interesting reading and provide a treasure chest of innovative ideas.

Do you want to see the ratings and comments only for the people who live in the city or for ages 19 to 30 or for all women?  We have prepared separate reports for each area of residence, for how long people have lived here, for each age group and for men and women. Note: Texada and Sliammon results are not available separately due to very low numbers of responses from those areas.

We provided an “Other” option for the answer to the gender question on teh survey, and received 11 responses that chose “Other”. While a separate report is not available for them due to the small numbers, we can say that the 11 responses were scattered across age groups from 15 to 64.

Results for the Youth survey are not split into segments due to low response numbers (28) but the overall results are interesting all the same.

Complete survey result with 300+ comments

Complete survey ratings (no comments)

City of Powell River results

RD north results

RD south results

Age 15-25 results

Age 25-30 results

Age 31-40 results

Age 41-50 results

Age 51-65 results

Age 65+ results

Male results

Female results

Lived in Powell River less than 1 yr results

Lived in Powell River 1-5 yrs results

Lived in Powell River 6-10 yrs results

Lived in Powell River 11-20 yrs results

Lived in Powell River more than 20 years results